Monday, November 5, 2007

Dia De Los Muertos

Every fall, Winthrop has a CVPA (College of Visual and Performing Arts) Sponsored Arts Ball. The themes are really great each year. In the past they've been 'surrealism', 'superheros vs. villians', and last year was 'film noire'. This October, the theme was "Dia De Los Muertos"- or Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead is a traditionally Mexican celebration that honors the life of relatives and friends past. If we were going to be accurate about that aspect of history, the Dia De Los Muertos Arts ball this year would have probably been extremely different, but it was fun seeing a lot of college students dressed up as dead guys and skeletons. We probably played up the creepy part a bit much.

The freshmen art majors were responsible for decorating and providing snacks related to the theme. Let's just say that it was a bit weird to be walking around in McBryde with tombstones and eating bone shaped cookies and skeleton cakes.

This is right before we were going to walk across campus. That's me and Angel on the left. Jenny and Will were brave enough to use facepaint.

On the way, we stopped under a lamp post to take a picture of Jenny, Angel, and her Oreo graveyard cake!

There were photo stations set up for anyone who wanted pictures to remember the night.

It was so awesome to see Dr. Dufresne, my Art History Prof from freshman year dressed up for the Ball! Here she is at the sign in table at the entrance of McBryde.

Liiiiiiiiiiiiila Shull!!! We grew up in North Augusta together. I remember in high school seeing her art displayed in the halls and hearing Mrs. Stalk-Vargo brag about how talented Lila was. I think she was born with talent.

Winthrop's music students

Theater majors chatting before a performance

Oh my gosh. Becky!

New friends Julie and Jeannie

This guy made my night! I was talking to Dave and Sally Brown about how cool everything had turned out and I had just gotten used to the skeletons and the rest of the overwhelmingly bright Mexican clothes... I turned around to see this guy- Dead (in a really gross way), and unable to get the salsa off of his spoon!!! He stood there for almost 20 seconds forcefully shaking the spoon up and down, but that salsa wasn't going anywhere. It was hilarious! Dead, frustrated guys are funny.

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