Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pixar Short Film Collection

November 6, 2007: The Pixar Short Film Collection and Ratatouille DVDs are IN STORES..
Yes. Grace and I were there that afternoon ... talk about exciting! I had seen Ratatouille twice already- the first time was June 29 in New York City (the day it came out!), and the second was on a date with my bro and mom and dad back home. I think I will probably watch it a gazillion more times- the rendering is absolutely gorgeous (and the story's great too)!

Last night, Winthrop's Society of Illustrators showed the Short Films Collection DVD from start to finish. Mike Sudduth, our So Ill Pres, let me make the flyers for the event- We usually have film night on Wednesdays, but because of Thanksgiving coming up, we thought that Monday would be good.

Twenty-five people came to see the Short Films- which was surprising because of the irregularity of the time. I feel like the So Ill kids are getting closer and are forming a tight community. We sit in the auditorium in more of one huge clump rather than last year, when we were all spread out with our own friends. We even had new people come last night who had never even been to So Ill before and we got to meet them and start friendships.

It was super exciting. We started the DVD atom the very first short film Pixar made (The Adventures of Andre and Wally B) and continued all the way through Lifted (Which came out with Rat.) There were parts in the Pixar collection where you could hear us all gasp in horror- Pixar's very first (and very brave) attempt at a human figure- wow- they've definitely come a long way since then.

You can see in the bottom two images- the communication of "a baby" was successful, but obviously they were in the beginning stages of their new technology. Does the toy look familiar? Pixar was foreshadowing (or inspiring!) both Toy Story and One Man Band with this short film.

There's something about Pixar's stories that make them so incredibly witty. I couldn't even count the times that we laughed so hard that we couldn't hear the audio of the movie at all. It was alright though, I really enjoyed spending time with everyone and getting to watch a movie together. I miss that.

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