Sunday, December 28, 2008

fancy people!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

home again home again jiggity jig!

Hello and Merry Christmas! I'm back home from Orlando and I've been hanging out with my family. Got to see my mom and dad and grandparents and little bro! Santa came and brought me a new Intuos 6x8 Wacom, so I've been playing with that! I started practicing with Corel Painter with a photo reference of some little Chip and Dale statues from Walt Disney World..

I decided to set some rules for the Wacom and myself. If I'm drawing from reference, No color picking! No tracing, too. I don't want to cheat myself out of learning this stuff! With the Chip and Dale drawing, I'm already seeing some things that need to be worked on. Obviously, proportions are an issue, and I've got to figure out how to make things look like there is depth. I mostly used the smudge tool, 2b pencil, and wet oily brush.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Keep your britches on!

HEY COOL! This happened on accident, but thank you, Blogger!
कोउर्त्नी ब्रूके वौघन' आर्ट!
translation: Courtney Brooke Vaughan's Art!
yep.... so... um....
I promise I'll post all the drawings I've made since I've been in Orlando. (or at least the decent ones). Just wait for me to get to a scanner. I'm coming home in 2 days.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

This guy was across the room from the lady.

I sketched this lady at the Grand Floridian. She laughed through her nose.

If Animation doesn't work out as a career choice....

... my my next favorite job would involve learning how to make tiny glass sculptures.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

MGM/ Hollywood Studios

I went to MGM/Hollywood studios to draw and at 3:00 the Pixar Parade came by. It was very entertaining, with acrobatics and characters from (almost) every Pixar film (I didn't see Wall-E or any characters from UP).

[A Bug's Life- check out her tu-tu!]

[Bo Peep was precious. She would walk up to children and curtsy and "blush" with her hand over her mouth. ]

[George Sanderson had a sock on his back!! 23-19!! 23-19!!]
[Anddddd he danced with the kids. Probably the best part of the whole parade. (Remember the sprinklers? yeahhh)]

[This young man was very energetic. I think he could jump up and down for hours if he wanted to!]

Afterwards, I decided to go meet the characters...

And in the Animation Courtyard, I found some concept art for Bolt. Very cool.

[I love this design for Penny.]

And then--! I met the Bolt characters!

[The family in front of me was ridddiculooous!]

[Right off, I was very surprised at how huggy the characters were. They really liked hugs. A lot.]

And then, one of them saw my sketchbook and took it right out of my hands to look at it! No joke, they looked through it for at least like eight minutes. When they saw animation notes, Bolt started jumping and pointed to himself, asking if I had animated him. I told him no, that I was still in school, but that I would love to work for Disney some day and they started making kissy noises. It was truly awkward.

I got my sketchbook back and we took a picture...

And they EACH needed a hug again. Wow. That's quality Disney character lovin'.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Disney World Christmastime

If you haven't caught on already, I am at Walt Disney World. The plan was to work a lot, draw a little, make a lot of minimum wage $$$ and come home for Christmas. And without fail, my plans changed. For reasons that still haven't been fully explained to me, I found out that work would not be an option for the next few weeks.... economy...job security number...blah blah blah..

So you are asking, "Why are you still there if there was no work for you?"
Ah, but I have found work! It's called "Learn how to be a better drawer!" (And thinker, and reader, and hammock swinger, and writer, and french speaking person)
And that's what I've been doing- drawing allll the time, and reading, and writing, and thinking... and I'm also trying to get better at French. It's all pretty wonderful and relaxing. (Though I do miss my momma and daddy and little bro- Christmas will come soon)
Enough talking- SHOW ME PICTURES!!

[I do love a Christmassy-Castle background-character-meet-and-greet]

[This man had a small girl growing out of his shoulders. Cool!]

More soon.

Rather old Show...

I was looking through some files on my external hard drive yesterday and I found some photos from an art show that I'm not sure if I posted yet.. so here they are!

The coffee shop is called Cupps. Their beliefs are Coffee, Culture, Conversation. I agree.

Opening night. Remember the painting on the bottom left in my Maya room? There it is, in it's glorious original colors on the back wall! (It's a collaboration from Brandon Oxendine and meeee)

The guitar playing barista! Someone remind me what his name is.. He was a super cool fella.
Sadly, this coffee shop is no longer where it was. They shut down/moved/I don't know where they are, but for a while there, was an awesome meeting place for Friday Arts Project.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My-a Room numero uno

**update** imbedded with Vimeo instead of Youtube. Better Quality

Maya created Studio by CourtneyBrookeVaughan

I finally uploaded the room I made in Maya last quarter at SCAD. There are lots of things that bother me about it now. I'm ready to learn more. Feed me, feed me!

Truth realized again

I have a lot to learn.

and I'll never know it all...

but that doesn't mean it's not worth putting everything into.

Give me eyes to see,
ears to hear,
and a heart to understand.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Small Tour

Where is a place that you're sure to find lots of interesting people practically waiting to be drawn? Subways, parks, zoos... Disney resorts!

The top one is Disney's Wilderness Lodge and the bottom photo is inside the Grand Floridian.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Character sketches from Disney Resorts

17 people drawings and a birdie
(you definitely want to click the picture to see it bigger- it looks tons awesomer that way)

Since I've been back in Orlando, I've been more intentional about drawing daily. I've been here for 3 weeks and usually I can get in a solid 4-5 hours of drawing every day. Other than that, I've been reading tons and catching up on movies that I missed out on along the way. It's been a very super great winter break from school, but I'm excited to get back to SCAD.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Storyboarding Processes in Studio Two Six Five

when you run out of wall, use the windows!