Thursday, August 20, 2009

Illustration Friday- Wrapped

Here's my submission for this week's Illustration Friday. The theme was "wrapped" so I wrapped one of my monsters in a towel!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Song photos from July 23

I took a break from animation and began browsing around on the internet, when lo and behold: I found some photos of myself and some extras from the Last Song.

Here we are finished with costuming, hair, and makeup and sit waiting for more directions.

I had forgotten about this photo completely. This lovely image of the back of my head was taken just after they had finished my wedding updo. She had just said, "Your hair is so pretty!" (complimenting both me and herself!) when someone came up and took the photo! I'm glad I got to see what it looked like back there because at the end of the day, I looked and felt like a mess so I never got to see what she had done.

(Photos courtesy of SavannahNow)

The end of filming Last Song

Yesterday was my last day on the set of the Last Song. They had us in the church that was built especially for Miley Cyrus and her cast on Tybee Island.

In order to not get in trouble for telling movie secrets and/or ruining movie magic endings, I won't tell you anything! Except for the sentences under the pictures. Which won't tell you much either.

Here is Tybee Island First Baptist Church.
Stuff happens there. And more stuff happens inside of there.

This is the side. Stuff happens in there, too. Just at a 3/4 angle.

I will say though, we were BAKING outside (and inside) on the shoot. We were called in at 5:30AM and left for home at 9:30PM. Not only was it the hottest day all summer (said one of the crew) but we were roasting under the biggest lights I've seen in my entire life. I watched the monitors whenever I got a chance to.. was able to ask a few questions when we weren't rolling.. and I'm dang excited to see all of it cut together. If they can make it look like we weren't dripping with sweat, I'm sure it will be pretty.

(Photos courtesy of here.)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stop Motion Costuming for Bullets N' Bourbon

Recently I was asked to make costumes for a stop motion film entitled "Bullets N' Bourbon".
Here are some shots of the final costumes for the two cowboy characters. Making costumes was a blast! I'd love to do some more..

Look! He's even got a fly! Gasp!

There are many challenges with creating costumes for stop motion characters. With these characters, the armatures have a limited number of times they can be bent. Meaning: bending their arms and legs too much could mean that they could break in the middle of filming. So, to keep from bending the aluminum wires, I made the costumes in pieces that could be slid on and sewn up. With the cowboy skeleton, this turned out to be a great solution because his vertebrae tearing out of his back and the we could make it seem like this was part of who this character is.

I wish you could still see his dress shirt. Though, his vest is pretty awesome, too!

Here it is before we put it on him. It's as wide as four fingers!

Pants! And Chaps! And Fringe!
Keep your eyes and ears open. This Eric Wolford original animation will be so epictastic.