Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The end of filming Last Song

Yesterday was my last day on the set of the Last Song. They had us in the church that was built especially for Miley Cyrus and her cast on Tybee Island.

In order to not get in trouble for telling movie secrets and/or ruining movie magic endings, I won't tell you anything! Except for the sentences under the pictures. Which won't tell you much either.

Here is Tybee Island First Baptist Church.
Stuff happens there. And more stuff happens inside of there.

This is the side. Stuff happens in there, too. Just at a 3/4 angle.

I will say though, we were BAKING outside (and inside) on the shoot. We were called in at 5:30AM and left for home at 9:30PM. Not only was it the hottest day all summer (said one of the crew) but we were roasting under the biggest lights I've seen in my entire life. I watched the monitors whenever I got a chance to.. was able to ask a few questions when we weren't rolling.. and I'm dang excited to see all of it cut together. If they can make it look like we weren't dripping with sweat, I'm sure it will be pretty.

(Photos courtesy of here.)

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