Thursday, September 25, 2008

Savannah Church Search

I visited this neat church last Sunday and enjoyed it a lot. It's called Late Church. I think I'll still look around just in case, but I could totally see myself going there regularly. It's in the Lucas Theatre (which is next to one of my favorite places- SCAD's 3 story Jen Library) The music was contemporary- similar to the the style of Discovery Church in Orlando (I went there when I worked at Disney World over the summer) but I was more familiar with the songs at Late Church than in Orlando. Several of the songs we sang, I learned at Manchester- these were just with guitars and drums and I think a mandolin- [LOVE!] They made me miss Manchester Creek Church and Christabel. The message was good too. Prodigal son, but in a different perspective than I've heard before. (though my illustration doesn't show it. I couldn't seem to put it in a picture this week)

I'm very excited because they seem to really enjoy all of the SCAD students. They had a short film at the beginning of the service and have a lot of lifegroups that are geared toward us artsy youngins. There are several that I think I might check out:

Adventures Group! - anything with the word Adventure in the name is for me. They go camping and kayaking.
Dance Group- ballroom dancing! like Social back home! (little brother if you read this, don't quit! You really do need ballroom dancing skills to succeed in life!
Weekend Activities Group- weekend "happenings". just plain fun.
Prayer Group- self explanatory, but with the addition of going to the beach once a month for an extra dosage of beautiful.
Movie Critic Group- also self explanatory. We go out to movies or watch the ones we have.

If you're interested, watch their video from the Pastor about the move and why they're cool. (Click the photo or the link)

More drawings ahead

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First week at SCAD

First week at SCAD has been awesome. There are so many reasons why I know that I'm supposed to be here right now. I am enrolled in 3 classes, which doesn't seem like much, but believe me it is! The average amount of homework for one class is said to be 10 hours a week. I'm starting to believe it's more! I love it though. My classes are awesome (even though I'm not animating super mega action fights or anything yet) and I've met some of the coolest (and most colorful) people I've ever seen! The picture above is at the entrance of where I live! I am in Weston house- and we are conveniently located next to the SCAD Cafe. SCAD has good breakfast - which is my absolute faaavorite part of the day. Every morning, depending on what time it is, the Cafe is my morning home.

This is the courtyard of the dorm I live in. It used to be a hotel of some type- I forget which one, but the rooms are huge and we all have our own bathrooms and showers. My room is at the end of the hall on the right and to the left on the other side. We are facing West, so we can watch the bridge all night long and in the afternoon, if we keep our windows open it gets pretttty dang toasty.

After breakfast, I go hop on a SCAD bus- If it is Monday or Wednesday I get on the South Central Bus to Montgomery (the Animation, Gaming, and Visual Effects building) and if it's Tuesday or Thursday, I head out to Wallin Hall for Storyboarding and then later to Arnold Hall for Speech. There are no buses in this picture because it was in between the half hours when I took it. You can only catch a bus on the :00 or the :30.
The buses are comfy (for being a bus) and convenient for us far away downtown kids. Bus conversations are the best- you're almost always guaranteed to have something in common with the person next to you (because you're going to the same building for basically the same classes).. and we all love art. It's very interesting and weird to be around artists 100% of the time. I'm absolutely loving it so far..

Montgomery Hall. They have a big screen showing animations all the time and there are speakers (somewhere) so we can watch and listen while we wait for the bus. It's almost like Disney! (just kidding) It is pretty awesome though. This building is going to be my home for the next few years. I can't wait to get into some really hard time consuming animating story type stuff.

And here's the bus that takes us back home so we can start doing LOADS of homework!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friedrich had gone to bed early that night, around, say 9:00. He woke up around midnight (thinking it was morning) after having a scary dream about his first day at his new school. Friedrich's dad made him a cup of hot chocolate and let him watch a little TV before going back to bed- because everybody knows: A monster with a warm belly full of hot chocolate isn't afraid of anything!

Friedrich is looking for a home, any takers? glass frame included :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

he fell asleep with the lights on again.

Thanks for the tatoos, Charlie!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

main street break room

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

life drawings at disney

I finally got the scanner to work- here are some life drawings before the 9:00 parade- Disney World was a great place to get hours worth of drawing time because there are people.... EVERYWHERE! I've never seen so many different looking people from so many places around the world before.

I found that I was more prone to drawing people that were in the same mood as I was. . thus:

tired people!! It was obvious they'd had a long day. I could definitely relate. (12 hour shifts, ouch!)