Wednesday, December 15, 2010

After college, and Table Rock State Park!

Updatey Time!
After college, I got graphic design job at a church in my hometown, and I started my own freelance business where I create animations and illustrations for people all over the world. My first project was for a person in the Netherlands, who was part of D&AD. After that, illustrations for a church in CA and now I'm creating the images and animations for an Iphone game company in Israel. As far as being out of school- deadlines still exist and stink just as much, but it is nice being able to make a dent in my gigantic school loan by drawing.

Also, Shandon has been having more time to spend more time outside sine he's done with school- something that I think is good for both of us! We go biking, hiking, kayaking (well, not so much kayaking since it got cold) and our next project will be making birdhouses with my Dad! On the weekends, we usually visit Table Rock State Park, where we volunteer with whatever they need. It's kind of a long drive to make, but SO WORTH IT when you get there and see this sort of thing:


We go hiking every time we're there and each time, I can go a little further than the time before. I'm still a total wimp though, because it seems like Shandon could probably go several more miles than me. He's very patient with me and doesn't mind heading back when I get exhausted :)

In effort to become more of a "team asset" to the park, I have begun to try and make some posters here and there for their bulletin boards. Here's the first one I made. What do you think?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 Demo Reel- finally posting it!