Friday, April 17, 2009

In Recent News

Yesterday, we found a house- henceforth named "Henry House" because it is on Henry street. It's a closer bike ride to Montgomery than my current Weston house (near Turner and Dyson SCAD housing, which is about 2.2 miles one way) Here's a pic of the house (courtesy of the internet):...and here's a picture of me on my "new" bike! I use "quotey" marks because although it is new to me, it has existed longer than I have. It was my mom's. Yesterday, I biked 10 miles (if you add up all the trips I made to some places and other places :)

I drew a life size skeleton. Though, unfortunately, you probably won't see it until it is in our house. The house kinda looks like the inside of a gallery, so we are treating it as such. She shall be our fourth roomate.

Speaking of the inside of a gallery- Tonight Frederick will be in a gallery called All Creatures Great and Small, held at the 180 Gallery on Bull Street in Savannah. It was a good thing he and I got some chill time, or else I may not have had anything for the show.. what with being sooooo busy with animation classes. The reception starts at 6, and prior to that, I shall be figuring out the mechanics of riding a bike in a dress. I'm thinking leggings are a go. I'll be sure to take photos :)

Oh yeah, DUH! I got a new for this blog. You can now find me at as well as

Blue Sky Studios visited SCAD recently.

They looked at demo reels, held interviews and gave a presentation. Showed us what they're working on currently and explained a lot about a division of their production team called Materials. The materials team are the people who do the texturing and coloring of the characters, trees, fur, etc.

Also, just this week Laika visited SCAD.
Their presentation was RIDICULOUS!!! (in the definition that means super-crazy-awesome) They showed us some secret photos of how they made Coraline, and some not secret stuff that's already on yoututbe (like the lady who knits all of their tiny little sweaters)

We had a Q&A at the end and Here Is What I Learned:
1. Coraline is entirely procedural. Meaning very little digital. Except for digitally merging the face parts together. (the mouths were printed out in 3d and replaced to make expressions and lip-synch) Even the scene at the end - where the squares are everywhere... yeah.. that was ALL painted by hand. No compys involved. The fog? Not done by special effects. Photographed dry ice and composited in later. AMAZING!
2. Stop motion plus 3d photographing is VERY hard and time consuming. Since the way that 3d movies are made (one camera- two positions for that camera- and moving the armatures in between every shot... keep in mind that one second is made up of roughly 24 frames... ouch) So, the animator would position the puppet, take a high-res photograph, wait, the camera would position itself to take the second photograph, and then go back to its first position and the animator could then put the puppet in its next position. To capture one frame could take up to 10 minutes.
3. Wybie is black.
4. I need to take a camera with me everywhere. I touched a Coraline puppet and have no photograph to show for it.

Here are some facial expressions by one of my favorite artists, Shane Prigmore.

Here's a fun time lapse video of animators animating: