Tuesday, October 30, 2007

eye bruises and conception

A week ago, I sent a message via facebook to my pal, Grace exclaiming that my eye had popped and was bleeding all over the place! This caused a small deal of concern amongst a few of our mutual friends (of which we have 57 to be exact).
I trekked to Crawford- Winthrop's infirmary and had a small adventure... which i have illustrated below!!

This is my eye. The bloody part is at the very top and I couldn't see it unless I pulled my eyelid upwards and/or put on mascara. I actually wasn't bleeding all over the place.. Sometimes I can get a tiny bit dramatic when I am panicky.

When I got to Crawford, they had me wait for like 45 minutes and then when they were finally ready for me to go into the office, I had to wait almost 45 more minutes! I was looking around and I found a round paper spinny thing that Grace has henceforth named the "Conception Wheel." The curious child I am, OF COURSE I had to touch it! I moved the top circle until the "due date" arrow was pointing to my birthday (Sept 19) and I know I shouldn't have... I didn't want to do it before I even picked up the thing... but I looked.

Turns out I'm a Christmas baby. EW!!

(not that Christmas is bad or gross- but... dang. Merry Christmas to Mom and Dad!)

When the nurse finally came in, she took me into the hallway to waste some more time. She confirmed to me that I do, in fact, have 20/20 vision.

We went back into the office and she said that she was going to have to use the "Eye Kit" on me. SCARY!

She put some numbing drops in my eye (which did not feel numbing at all- very close to a stinging sensation) and then some stuff that wasn't exactly highlighter fluid, but it might as well have been.

Then she turned off the lights and we had a blacklight Rave!!!

----just kidding!!----

She really did turn off the lights though, and she had a black light shield thing and she looked in my bright yellow eye to see if I had somehow cut it. Alas, no cut.

Two hours, two stinging (then really numb) eyes, three drops of yellow hilighter, a dance party and ten dollars later, I found out that it was only a bruise..

and that it could have happened because of a sneeze.

Monday, October 29, 2007

so ill -schmalloweenie bonfire

Last Saturday, So Ill (Winthrop's "Society of Illustrators") got together and went to Dave Brown's house to roast marshmallows and hang out. It was great to go and hang out with a bunch of people who all enjoy the same thing, you know? - especially when that thing is drawing!

Hanging out with artists is [one of the reasons] why college is so great.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

working hard in the Mac Lab

this is what we do at 12:49 at night when we're trying to meet deadlines

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We got back our Vortex projects today. I GOT AN A!!!!!!!
All Excellent's for Quality of Drawing, Quality of Kerning, Quality of Presentation, and Quality of Final Phase!

I think I'm going to cry!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how hard I worked on that project.. It's so hard to make sure that every line stays smooth and that you don't move the ruler before the ink is dry-- and all kinds of crazy other things. oh WOW I think I will probably wet myself out of happiness!

AND I won't have to redo the dang thing for SPEC Review!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

NoDa Gallery Crawl

NoDa, (short for North Davidson) is a historic art neighborhood and community in Charlotte. Nicknamed SoHo's little sister, NoDa comes alive every first and third Friday of the month. The Friday Arts Project (a group of visual and performance artists- dance, theatre, writing, and music) organized two trips to NoDa, one of them being the Ten.Five.OhSeven. gallery crawl.

The first time we went to NoDa, we saw that they were having a public "art"-ing out on the streets, so Margo and I went to go try our hands at it. The drawing I drew was of Margo drawing. get it?

NoDa trip #2:

Ten.Five.OhSeven. was an exhibition held at the Hart-Witzen Gallery for ten emerging artists from the Southeast and Charlotte regions. It was a fantastic thing to see, there were so many artists and musicians there, and it was a great opportunity to go talk with people who were growing in their art and in their walks of life... you can find out so much about who a person is and what they care about just through a few words or paint on a canvas.

This is some of our NoDa gang. Chris, Grace, Ashley, Jess..

Meet Julie! She's one fantastic kid!

We found this guy in the Smelly Cat Cafe, (the name comes from the Friends tv show)

He gave us his song list (which was abou 7 pages long) and claimed to be able to play any song at random. Grace's favorite part was when he sang every Beatles' voice- accent and all- in one song! (including echoing himself and even harmonizing with himself! ok, just kidding about the harmonizing)

Gallery opening at NoDa. That's Brandon up there.

music + paintings

Kevin, Romo,
and our soon to be married friends, Rique and Sarah (!)

Charlotte Zwebber, a figure drawing professor at Winthrop, and my pal, Nicki. Both of them had work showing in NoDa, a short walk down the street from this picture.

The whole NoDa experience was so much fun and it was a great opportunity to get to know artists from around Charlotte and from our own art department. I'm sure there will be more NoDa trips in the near future. (hopefully someday we will be able to take a group of kids for a SketchCrawl up there. not necessarily at an opening though... yikes that would be a mess!)

Till next time!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

when i was one, my mom thought i was a baby doll. i think i'm ok with that

i brought my fall clothes to school and switched out short sleeves and white dresses for brown and orange skirts and coats. i can't wait until the weather quits being stubborn and decides to actually act like the season we're in.

so, a picture placed
excitement for halloween
improved shadow, BOO!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


still life and paintbrush from class

the top corner of my newest painting
i wonder if anyone from tribeca recognizes this elephant.... YEAH!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Karelyn Seigler is talented, generous, and refined. I love that woman with all of my heart.

This past week has been pretty cool.. I finished a neat book last night.

next on the list- Jane Eyre

that thing at the top- yeah, i didn't mean for it to look so cool, but turns out, i kind of like it. i probably won't like it after about a week or so.... i get over my art too fast i think sometimes. i'm just ready to keep going and learning.

in a way, the house drawing is how i feel about typography. it's a great class, don't get me wrong. i'm learning so many valuable things! .. but some days, i just DON'T want to trace letters!! it seems like some days it takes entirely too many steps to get to one finished product, and once you get there, it's quite possible that your outcome is in a not so great quality, and all of the efforts you made were useless. inevitably you will have to redo it for specialization.

so with the house, it's this huge, long drawn out journey, just to get to the little tiny lamp. and the dern thing's not even plugged in probably! i mean, you go up the ramp, up the staircase, through the trap door and into the first house building thing, up the stairs inside the house, into the top tower, down down down to the other outside staircase and onto the floorboard under the first level.

but it's not all a screaming VORTEX of futility, right?


i was doodling again in art history ( i do pay attention sometimes, i promise!) and this is what i got.
i was scanning it in yesterday afternoon after class and the scanner light made the back of the paper come through a little bit so when i went to fix that on Adobe, i turned the levels the wrong way and it made the writing from the back of the page show even more. i was glad it happened though, because i would have never seen this:

and what's even cooler is that on the page behind the bird and cage drawing were my Manchestustration (Manchester Church+ Illustration) notes from Acts 8- inside the heart (and behind the bird) are the words 'loving and sharing.'
very cool.


i've been working on some paintings lately, too. i'll be honest, i'm pretty surprised with myself. it could be that i'm finally finding something i'm decent at, or it could be the music i listen to when i paint in my room. it's jazz.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

some weeks feel like Home

I decided that a collection of photos would be fit to update you with.

Taken at the Missing You Dearly show. wonderful friends, wonderful music. just a stinkin good night!

Coffee. Culture. Conversation.
- and now really great literature to go along with it!

I felt like we needed to set the Friday Arts Project scene. My favorite parts of this picture are the cheese stick to Carlee's right and the Scrabble board.

Yikes! first painting ever at its beginning stages. I'll show more updated pictures later. I've only just started it.... I'm unopinionated as of yet as to how I feel about acrylics and shadows.

I made this the night when my nap accidentally lasted for 9 hours longer than it was supposed to. I was only going to sleep from 5-6 and then go to Crusade, but I was sick and my body decided to let me sleep until 3:00am. By then, I was very well rested, so I just decided to be productive. I drew it from a toy I found at the dollar store. yay for cheap ceramic models!

There are some girls on my floor who will just dance for no reason- I think it has something to do with Jesus. I'm just sayin...

Hope you enjoyed the update- I don't know who reads this thingy, maybe nobody, but if you are out there, I'm thinking about you and wishing you well :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

convocation pictures

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

sketchbook happiness!

Between New York city and ra training at Winthrop, i had about a month of adjusting from the busy city life and the more relaxed, slow southern life Augusta had to offer. there was
a lot of time for journaling and reflecting on the summer and also thinking about the future and what being back at school might be like.

A few of the kids from the Friday Arts Project (a new organization at our school) had been sending emails back and forth, and after about 12 pages of conversation, we decided it would be cool to make sketchbooks to promote FAP. the way the idea developed was pretty awesome to say the least... many different people were able to contribute in huge ways, and it became a collaboration across the many miles of the south east between our homes.

i happened to have some reams of recycled paper at my house, a paper cutting machine, and a deep-seeded love for book making. Carlee was able to get a bunch of scrap matboard from Martins (the art store she works at) and she and a couple of other people got together to cut the scraps into manageable rectangles that would match the paper inserts. Mary Courtney Blake was passing through my hometown and brought the box of scraps to my house. Long story short- everybody pitched in and we got a pretty neat looking result!

This is what the paper inserts look like without a cover. There are five sheets folded over to make a signature and there are seven signatures total in a book. The pages are sewn together with off white quilting thread and have strips of linen sewn in to secure the glued covers down with texture. (think sticking clay together)

Small sketchbook from the side- you can see the "kettle stitch" going down the right side holding the signatures in place.

The idea was to have these sketchbooks small enough to put in a pocket. Moleskines are a common choice for illustrators and artist of the sketching type, so we decided that keeping the sizes close would be easier and more condusive for sketching in other sketchbooks once these are all used up.

Once again, another view of the sketchbooks in comparison, this time with thickness and width.


Each book took about two hours to finish... surprisingly i enjoyed every minute of it! i'm glad i stayed busy and productive. i think it cut down on post-NYC insanity! i got to mentally process and decompress the summer with just a lot of reflection time.... it was such a neat feeling to be making something specifically to be given away.... i thought a lot about the people who might own the sketchbooks.. just holding those books in my hand and thinking about the changes that happened inside me in the timespan of only one year of classes.. i thought about the freshmen and how they would be scared at first of college, but then they would find friends and be accepted by each of the different groups that would form. i wondered what they would be like and what kinds of things they would put in the sketchbooks. whether they would let it sit on a desk in their room, write poetry in it, copy down their homework, tear out a page to give away their email address, or draw sketches of their friends in a coffee shop. isn't it cool to know that something made out of pleasure might could bless someone else some other day? i prayed for those people who were going to pick up sketchbooks. i hope they learn so much in the next years to come... i hope they find friends who love them and are prepared in such a way that they are ready for anything that's thrown at them. i hope they write down a quote one day that means something to them and later, while flipping through some of their first sketchbooks, find this significant something and remember.

when my hands began to cramp up from the repetitive stitching, i went out and did other things, one of being taking some of the kids i babysit ice skating! i had missed them so much! And, i got to feel an entirely different kind of pain- one that involved my derrière crashing onto a very solid slab of ice.

aren't they adorable?!


God was definitely working on teaching me patience when i was trying to get these books done. at any point in the process of making a sketchbook, if you try to rush things, something will 99% of the time go wrong. for instance: drippy glue, messy stitches, uneven pages, and just poor craft altogether. in this picture you can see the 'headbands' drying to the now bound and sealed with fabric edges. i didn't really feel like going out to the store to specifically buy 'headband ribbon' - i thought that would just be silly. plus, everything used to make these sketchbooks was stuff we found lying around, were small to be used, or just plain unwanted. so i thought that i would just go into my hair ribbon collection and use what i could find.

once one side of the ribbon was glued, i had to wait and then i could fold it over to kind of clean up the edges of the books and hide any mistakes that happened when i was trying to even up the pages.


August rolled around and Convocation was just around the corner. i was still working on the books through ra training and in the first part of welcome week, and i finally finished the day before the Convocation Picnic. the Amazing Carlee, once again in her wonderful resourcefulness, brought her camera to my room when everybody got to see the finished product of what they had all helped make.

yay for finished sketchbooks!

Stephen Crotts talking to the group about how we should give them away

Jared White holding a plaid-bound sketchbook. it's definitely him :)

the whole stack! it was exciting to see them all DONE!

And lastly, we all signed a member list for the Friday Arts Project to be an official organization at Winthrop University. God is so cool.