Tuesday, October 30, 2007

eye bruises and conception

A week ago, I sent a message via facebook to my pal, Grace exclaiming that my eye had popped and was bleeding all over the place! This caused a small deal of concern amongst a few of our mutual friends (of which we have 57 to be exact).
I trekked to Crawford- Winthrop's infirmary and had a small adventure... which i have illustrated below!!

This is my eye. The bloody part is at the very top and I couldn't see it unless I pulled my eyelid upwards and/or put on mascara. I actually wasn't bleeding all over the place.. Sometimes I can get a tiny bit dramatic when I am panicky.

When I got to Crawford, they had me wait for like 45 minutes and then when they were finally ready for me to go into the office, I had to wait almost 45 more minutes! I was looking around and I found a round paper spinny thing that Grace has henceforth named the "Conception Wheel." The curious child I am, OF COURSE I had to touch it! I moved the top circle until the "due date" arrow was pointing to my birthday (Sept 19) and I know I shouldn't have... I didn't want to do it before I even picked up the thing... but I looked.

Turns out I'm a Christmas baby. EW!!

(not that Christmas is bad or gross- but... dang. Merry Christmas to Mom and Dad!)

When the nurse finally came in, she took me into the hallway to waste some more time. She confirmed to me that I do, in fact, have 20/20 vision.

We went back into the office and she said that she was going to have to use the "Eye Kit" on me. SCARY!

She put some numbing drops in my eye (which did not feel numbing at all- very close to a stinging sensation) and then some stuff that wasn't exactly highlighter fluid, but it might as well have been.

Then she turned off the lights and we had a blacklight Rave!!!

----just kidding!!----

She really did turn off the lights though, and she had a black light shield thing and she looked in my bright yellow eye to see if I had somehow cut it. Alas, no cut.

Two hours, two stinging (then really numb) eyes, three drops of yellow hilighter, a dance party and ten dollars later, I found out that it was only a bruise..

and that it could have happened because of a sneeze.

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