Sunday, October 7, 2007

some weeks feel like Home

I decided that a collection of photos would be fit to update you with.

Taken at the Missing You Dearly show. wonderful friends, wonderful music. just a stinkin good night!

Coffee. Culture. Conversation.
- and now really great literature to go along with it!

I felt like we needed to set the Friday Arts Project scene. My favorite parts of this picture are the cheese stick to Carlee's right and the Scrabble board.

Yikes! first painting ever at its beginning stages. I'll show more updated pictures later. I've only just started it.... I'm unopinionated as of yet as to how I feel about acrylics and shadows.

I made this the night when my nap accidentally lasted for 9 hours longer than it was supposed to. I was only going to sleep from 5-6 and then go to Crusade, but I was sick and my body decided to let me sleep until 3:00am. By then, I was very well rested, so I just decided to be productive. I drew it from a toy I found at the dollar store. yay for cheap ceramic models!

There are some girls on my floor who will just dance for no reason- I think it has something to do with Jesus. I'm just sayin...

Hope you enjoyed the update- I don't know who reads this thingy, maybe nobody, but if you are out there, I'm thinking about you and wishing you well :)

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