Friday, October 19, 2007

NoDa Gallery Crawl

NoDa, (short for North Davidson) is a historic art neighborhood and community in Charlotte. Nicknamed SoHo's little sister, NoDa comes alive every first and third Friday of the month. The Friday Arts Project (a group of visual and performance artists- dance, theatre, writing, and music) organized two trips to NoDa, one of them being the Ten.Five.OhSeven. gallery crawl.

The first time we went to NoDa, we saw that they were having a public "art"-ing out on the streets, so Margo and I went to go try our hands at it. The drawing I drew was of Margo drawing. get it?

NoDa trip #2:

Ten.Five.OhSeven. was an exhibition held at the Hart-Witzen Gallery for ten emerging artists from the Southeast and Charlotte regions. It was a fantastic thing to see, there were so many artists and musicians there, and it was a great opportunity to go talk with people who were growing in their art and in their walks of life... you can find out so much about who a person is and what they care about just through a few words or paint on a canvas.

This is some of our NoDa gang. Chris, Grace, Ashley, Jess..

Meet Julie! She's one fantastic kid!

We found this guy in the Smelly Cat Cafe, (the name comes from the Friends tv show)

He gave us his song list (which was abou 7 pages long) and claimed to be able to play any song at random. Grace's favorite part was when he sang every Beatles' voice- accent and all- in one song! (including echoing himself and even harmonizing with himself! ok, just kidding about the harmonizing)

Gallery opening at NoDa. That's Brandon up there.

music + paintings

Kevin, Romo,
and our soon to be married friends, Rique and Sarah (!)

Charlotte Zwebber, a figure drawing professor at Winthrop, and my pal, Nicki. Both of them had work showing in NoDa, a short walk down the street from this picture.

The whole NoDa experience was so much fun and it was a great opportunity to get to know artists from around Charlotte and from our own art department. I'm sure there will be more NoDa trips in the near future. (hopefully someday we will be able to take a group of kids for a SketchCrawl up there. not necessarily at an opening though... yikes that would be a mess!)

Till next time!

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