Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Karelyn Seigler is talented, generous, and refined. I love that woman with all of my heart.

This past week has been pretty cool.. I finished a neat book last night.

next on the list- Jane Eyre

that thing at the top- yeah, i didn't mean for it to look so cool, but turns out, i kind of like it. i probably won't like it after about a week or so.... i get over my art too fast i think sometimes. i'm just ready to keep going and learning.

in a way, the house drawing is how i feel about typography. it's a great class, don't get me wrong. i'm learning so many valuable things! .. but some days, i just DON'T want to trace letters!! it seems like some days it takes entirely too many steps to get to one finished product, and once you get there, it's quite possible that your outcome is in a not so great quality, and all of the efforts you made were useless. inevitably you will have to redo it for specialization.

so with the house, it's this huge, long drawn out journey, just to get to the little tiny lamp. and the dern thing's not even plugged in probably! i mean, you go up the ramp, up the staircase, through the trap door and into the first house building thing, up the stairs inside the house, into the top tower, down down down to the other outside staircase and onto the floorboard under the first level.

but it's not all a screaming VORTEX of futility, right?


i was doodling again in art history ( i do pay attention sometimes, i promise!) and this is what i got.
i was scanning it in yesterday afternoon after class and the scanner light made the back of the paper come through a little bit so when i went to fix that on Adobe, i turned the levels the wrong way and it made the writing from the back of the page show even more. i was glad it happened though, because i would have never seen this:

and what's even cooler is that on the page behind the bird and cage drawing were my Manchestustration (Manchester Church+ Illustration) notes from Acts 8- inside the heart (and behind the bird) are the words 'loving and sharing.'
very cool.


i've been working on some paintings lately, too. i'll be honest, i'm pretty surprised with myself. it could be that i'm finally finding something i'm decent at, or it could be the music i listen to when i paint in my room. it's jazz.


smeller said...

hahahaha. you liddle ILLUSTRATOR you. "I didn't mean for it to look so cool, honest!" BAH.

those art accidents are pretty neat sometimes, eh?

Grace said...

You know, I realize that sometimes you aren't happy, because you don't feel like you've found your style yet, but on the up-side of that, you have got some really diverse stuff! I mean, you can just do so much! And, by the way, I love this stuff, the chair and the house--I wish I had articulate and proper art jargon to use, but to me, it just looks COOL!
And WOW! The Manchester thing? WOW!