Thursday, September 25, 2008

Savannah Church Search

I visited this neat church last Sunday and enjoyed it a lot. It's called Late Church. I think I'll still look around just in case, but I could totally see myself going there regularly. It's in the Lucas Theatre (which is next to one of my favorite places- SCAD's 3 story Jen Library) The music was contemporary- similar to the the style of Discovery Church in Orlando (I went there when I worked at Disney World over the summer) but I was more familiar with the songs at Late Church than in Orlando. Several of the songs we sang, I learned at Manchester- these were just with guitars and drums and I think a mandolin- [LOVE!] They made me miss Manchester Creek Church and Christabel. The message was good too. Prodigal son, but in a different perspective than I've heard before. (though my illustration doesn't show it. I couldn't seem to put it in a picture this week)

I'm very excited because they seem to really enjoy all of the SCAD students. They had a short film at the beginning of the service and have a lot of lifegroups that are geared toward us artsy youngins. There are several that I think I might check out:

Adventures Group! - anything with the word Adventure in the name is for me. They go camping and kayaking.
Dance Group- ballroom dancing! like Social back home! (little brother if you read this, don't quit! You really do need ballroom dancing skills to succeed in life!
Weekend Activities Group- weekend "happenings". just plain fun.
Prayer Group- self explanatory, but with the addition of going to the beach once a month for an extra dosage of beautiful.
Movie Critic Group- also self explanatory. We go out to movies or watch the ones we have.

If you're interested, watch their video from the Pastor about the move and why they're cool. (Click the photo or the link)

More drawings ahead

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