Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rather old Show...

I was looking through some files on my external hard drive yesterday and I found some photos from an art show that I'm not sure if I posted yet.. so here they are!

The coffee shop is called Cupps. Their beliefs are Coffee, Culture, Conversation. I agree.

Opening night. Remember the painting on the bottom left in my Maya room? There it is, in it's glorious original colors on the back wall! (It's a collaboration from Brandon Oxendine and meeee)

The guitar playing barista! Someone remind me what his name is.. He was a super cool fella.
Sadly, this coffee shop is no longer where it was. They shut down/moved/I don't know where they are, but for a while there, was an awesome meeting place for Friday Arts Project.


Carlee said...

They closed, disappeared. some of the people that worked there are still around. but cupps is very gone. "our hearts are still broken" mcb says. It's a Groucho's now. we tried to go in there... it was painful.

Carlee said...

p.s. AAAAAA thank you for posting these!!

Julianna McRae said...

I miss cupps. :(
But a new coffeeshop opened up downtown. I have yet to try it.

Courtney Brooke Vaughan said...

No problem- I forgot I had them! Does anyone know where our arts went? I'm curious.