Thursday, December 11, 2008

MGM/ Hollywood Studios

I went to MGM/Hollywood studios to draw and at 3:00 the Pixar Parade came by. It was very entertaining, with acrobatics and characters from (almost) every Pixar film (I didn't see Wall-E or any characters from UP).

[A Bug's Life- check out her tu-tu!]

[Bo Peep was precious. She would walk up to children and curtsy and "blush" with her hand over her mouth. ]

[George Sanderson had a sock on his back!! 23-19!! 23-19!!]
[Anddddd he danced with the kids. Probably the best part of the whole parade. (Remember the sprinklers? yeahhh)]

[This young man was very energetic. I think he could jump up and down for hours if he wanted to!]

Afterwards, I decided to go meet the characters...

And in the Animation Courtyard, I found some concept art for Bolt. Very cool.

[I love this design for Penny.]

And then--! I met the Bolt characters!

[The family in front of me was ridddiculooous!]

[Right off, I was very surprised at how huggy the characters were. They really liked hugs. A lot.]

And then, one of them saw my sketchbook and took it right out of my hands to look at it! No joke, they looked through it for at least like eight minutes. When they saw animation notes, Bolt started jumping and pointed to himself, asking if I had animated him. I told him no, that I was still in school, but that I would love to work for Disney some day and they started making kissy noises. It was truly awkward.

I got my sketchbook back and we took a picture...

And they EACH needed a hug again. Wow. That's quality Disney character lovin'.


Anonymous said...

AWWW, I like the picture of Bo Peep! She reminds me of you when I dressed you up like Little Bo Peep when you went to Grace. Come home, come home, I miss my Little Bo Peep! I have not seen you since summer. Mom

Julianna McRae said...

That is so effin cool.

I've still never been to Disney. One day.