Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Soularium Image Surveys this Thursday!!

This is the flier [c/o Chris Fox and Kinko's] advertising next Thursday's Campus Crusade for Christ meeting. We're going to go through the photographs as groups and discuss why each image that we've picked answers each of the five questions:

1. Which 3 images describe where your life is right now?
2. Which 3 images describe where you wish your life was?
3. Which image describes God to you?
4. Which image describes what you've experienced spiritually so far?
5. Which image describes where you wish you were in your spiritual journey right now?

Ansley, Stephen, and I (and some other Friday Arts Project/Campus Crusaders) have used this survey before on Summer Projects and Winthrop's campus, and every survey that is done is anonymously posted to www.mysoularium.com. My Soularium.com has example photographs from the set and the top 5 image-answers for each of the 5 questions.

Soularium is a great conversation tool because I think it's interesting to get to know someone on a deeper level, you know? I mean, you can know someone for years without even knowing them... knowing where they stand on the important stuff, and what's really important to them. I think that when you're able to answer tough questions - the ones that don't have simple easy one word answers- with photographs, it's like you're opening an entirely different door to their heart..

The soul never thinks without a mental picture. -- Aristotle

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