Friday, November 30, 2007

Portland Studios

Today, we visited Portland Studios, an Illustration, Animation, and Design studio based in Greenville, SC. We got a tour of their very large and amazing studio, and also got a small peek into their process work (which absolutely made my day!) We learned about what kinds of things they can make for their clients- really cool cd cases, painstaking but overall very satisfying animations, amazing book illustrations... it all blew my mind. I wanted to cry.

I think I was at a point where I very much needed to see that... I've been having an incredibly hard keeping myself motivated lately, and right before finals, that's a very dangerous place to be. Just seeing their work makes me want to keep moving.....

We got to meet Cory Godbey and learn about his animation process.
OH MY GOODNESS. That Cory is very patient. He and Chris Koelle storyboarded and created an animation to a song by Stephen Delopoulous called The Run of the Beast.

I have nothing to say about this wonderful amazing super awesome animation except WOW. and that the Society of Illustrators seems to think so too, because it got accepted into the 50th edition of The Society of Illustrators Annual.

He's currently in the process of making an animation for Microsoft (I think?) --- which I can't seem to find the name for or the page with quick sneak peek animations of the characters.... Anyways, there's an awesome storyline about a man who gets a potion that makes him younger and the consequences that become of him (or don't) when he doesn't share it with his friends. I'm eagerly anticipating news that it's either being used on their website or at least that it's finished. Guys.. someone out there.. I'm not kidding. Tell me AS SOON as it's done!!!

Next, we met Justin Gerard. He just got done illustrating Beowulf (book one) and you can buy that here.

Again. I wanted to cry just looking at the books. He showed us some process-y (and secret!!) things about the image of the boat and vikings. I absolutely can't wait until I learn how to do stuff like that. I want to start right now. RIGHT NOW. Justin - you are number one awesome in my book right now. Also in your Beowulf book too.. since we're speaking of books, of course. but pretty much- i want to be like you.

I really enjoyed visiting Portland. I don't think it was a coincidence that we visited right before finals week when everything was due. I've been feeling pretty sucky lately... about my work and about a whole bunch of other things, but this was so encouraging... I feel like there's hope .. somehow that I'll be out there making art for a living with a bunch of really cool people who love Jesus...

dang that would be awesome.

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Cory said...

Hey Courtney, Just wanted to let you know that "Le Cadeau du Temps" is completed and is now online,