Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Top of the Rock!

Here we are, safe and sound in Manhattan, New York City! The flight went well, we were early on both flights, the one from Columbia to Atlanta, and the one from Atlanta to La Guardia. I'm trying to learn lots of names and places... and remember them as well as I can... but with three tracks (Arts, Campus, and Bridges), it's proving to be a huge challenge!!

Today, all of the tracks went to the Top of the Rockefeller building. It was amazing to be able to see for miles and miles and miles...

Here's Kirk explaining to us what parts of NY we were looking at and what was in them. We learned about the five Burroughs and what is in them and I was trying to soak up every piece of information I could get when they were telling us about the city. Sometimes, I wish there was a way to remember everything, but when there's so much being said in such short periods of time, it's not physically possible to remember absolutely everything!

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