Monday, June 11, 2007

Stand Back- First Week in New York City

It's been almost a week since I've been in NYC..... Things are VERY different up here... Restaurants don’t serve sweet tea (I didn't expect them to, but the reality of it was hard to overcome), the Empire State Building is WAAAAY taller than I thought it would be, there is usually a homeless person on almost every corner.

I am one of 15 artists from around the country who have come to spend 5 weeks in New York City as part of the Arts Track. We are working towards filling a gallery in East Chelsea with art we are making during the time we spend here. Twice a week, we visit college campuses in the city, taking our Soularium Image Surveys with us to help us engage in conversation. From the dialogues, we are going to brainstorm and discuss as a group what kind of art we should make for the gallery.

We are so blessed to be able to worship God in such a personal way as through our art. Our internal expressions of love, thankfulness, frustration, joy and peace in Christ yield external visual and tactile that has the potential to bless others. With this gallery, we want to infuse our art with a different perspective than what the world tells us is true. We want to creatively inspire others in a personal way to take a second look at life and to know the Truth.

We have painters, sculptors, illustrators, photographers, and even two dancers! I’m so excited to see what everyone is going to get together for the gallery!

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