Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Guggenheim Museum

I can't believe how fast the past two weeks have gone by! We've been incredibly busy! We've been to a few campuses already with the Soulariam Image Surveys and the conversations that stem from those pictures have been so interesting! Today, we went to the Guggenheim Museum for free as part of the Museum Mile.

This part of the museum was a bunch of oval-cut magnifying lenses of plastic stapled together. It was called The Shape of Space by Alyson Shotz. It made me think of a project that our 3d teacher assigned us last semester.. We were told to find something that was easy to get hold of in mass quantity and were really small.. and then to make some kind of huge sculpture or installation piece using only that item and an adhesive if needed. Our inspiration was Tara Donovan. The piece I made for the class was a huge mountain landscape/island formation made from 1,328 tiny paper umbrellas.

Because the Guggenheim was part of the museum mile, there were hundreds and hundreds of people on the inside and lined up outside. It was incredible!

I really enjoyed visiting the Guggenheim Museum. We weren't allowed to have our cameras out in the parts of the gallery with paintings in it like we were at the installations. It was so cool to see the paintings that I saw during art history class... except they were the originals!! I even saw a paintings from my tests... (and one that I completely forgot the title of during the test. Whoops!)

I am so glad that we went! Seeing the paintings in person felt so personal.... more real, I think. I almost felt like I could turn around and see the artist standing there, arms folded, squinting at the painting evaluating it in its new surroundings..

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Grace said...

Wow. I definitely know which 3D project you're referring to. How amazing to find something that sparked it in your memory at the Guggenheim! That's pretty awesome.