Tuesday, June 19, 2007

damaged masterpieces

I've been working on my "1x1" in the past couple of days... it's a piece of wood that we were given so we can make our own personal 'Conversation with God'. I would have to say, it's proved to be more difficult than I expected it to be. I'm trying to be as honest and open and vulnerable with it as I can be. What is art if you're not?

On one side, there's a huge knot and the wood's other cosmetic flaws render this "blank canvas" an artistic error... The board, despite the the claim the packaging made... "A Perfect place to display art" ... is therefore 'unusable'. I like it though.

I have been staining and scratching and ripping and spilling and tearing at it for a few days now... and it's beginning to bear a slight resemblance.

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