Thursday, June 7, 2007

literacy is cool

Today we went to Bryant Park.

I think this park is going to be my favorite park.... maybe even more favorite than Central Park. Probably because there is a really cool section specifically for children and there's a carousel and-- get this -- A Reading Area!!!!

We were sitting there.. eating lunch.. and I turn around and find two fully stocked carts of children's books! They're mostly all picture books (and artists love pictures!) So we went to the cart and got a pile of books, brought them back to the table, and had story time along with our sandwiches.

I love New York.

This is Scoops reading a book about an art loving, dancing pig named Olivia.

I read a book called Nighttime Pirates.

Yes, Cameron did open the book!

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Grace said...

Oh my gosh! I know that art loving, dancing pig named Olivia!!! She is incredible! I'm going through all your posts now : )