Thursday, January 24, 2008

School is beginning to pick up speed. We had a few breaks, what with the surprise snow day and Martin Luther King day.. All of the synopsis's (synnopsi?) have been passed out and we're finally jumping into homework, studio workshops and projects.

I've got 4 studio classes (which isn't exactly recommended in the art department) but I did it 2nd sem. freshman year, so I think I'll be able to handle it again.. especially because I want this so much and I want to learn this stuff and really hammer it down.

Some things that are going on-
We had a Pixar Movie Marathon Extravaganza at Dan and Brenda's house a little bit before classes started- oh my gosh that was so much fun! We started with Wally B from the Short Films DVD and went in consecutive order through all the movies and shorts. Most everybody fell asleep around 2 or 3am.. I think I remember getting REALLY sleepy around 4ish (at the beginning of Cars).

[This is the Mike Wazowski cake I made for the Pixar Marathon]

[Note the movies are lined up consecutively on the TV mantle. Obviously, we were not very far into the marathon.]


I applied to work this summer at Walt Disney World through Summer Project... I haven't heard anything yet, but it should be soon..

I'm also going to apply for a very awesome other thing- an internship in CA... I feel like saying it is bad luck or something... I know, it's silly.. but I don't want to get too excited about it because it's completely up in the air right now.

This afternoon was my first session with my new personal trainer!!! Here's the logic: while I'm at Winthrop, I want to take advantage of everything being here has to offer. My tuition is paying for a personal trainer at the West Center, thus my action in signing up. I only have one more thing to say about that: OWWWWW!

Grace got accepted to go on the Barbados Summer Project! HOW COOL IS THAT??!?!

I had a (kind of last minute but really neat) idea for the 'death to life' exhibition coming up with the Friday Arts Project... Prayer works, go figure!

-New York City, friends, art, (Mako!), and God..... what could be better than that!??!

and to top it off- here are some snow day photos

[the view from my window]

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