Saturday, January 5, 2008

life is about everything love-ly about being alive

As soon as this movie comes out on DVD, it is going to be a must-see at the WU Society of Illustrators.

along with The Animation Show, Ratatouille, Amelie, and a bunch of other really great and hope-full movies.


Grace said...

Did you see this movie?! I wanted to so much and I never did! Dustin Hoffman + toys + magic + bright colors + film = VERY YES.

Courtney Vaughan said...

YES! and you'll never believe this- but the writer, Zach Helm, is the same guy who wrote Stranger than Fiction! We'll definitely have to do a movie night or something with this one... it is goosebump provoking at the end- new life and whatnot!

Grace said...

Man oh man. I cannot wait. I feel like I'd heard that it was the same guy, but I'd TOTALLY forgotten, so I'm thrilled that you reminded me. Ah. Must see it.