Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Before spring break, a group of people came down from PIXAR to look at some SCAD demo reels and give a talk to all the wannabe's.
Fellow Animators also taking a short rest from finals stress: Sarah Riser and Jyreme Mcmillion

This is Jason Johnston, an effects artist and effects sequence lead.

Becki Tower came back home! She was a SCAD Bee before she left to go to PIXAR.
Also: Notice how close we were sitting to them- my friends and I came an hour early to sit in the front row...Just in case they wanted to high-five us or something. We wanted to be ready and available in the event that anything of the awesome nature should happen.

Ellen Lee gave a presentation about graphic design in PIXAR's films. I never realized how much graphic design played a part in the design of Wall-e. Next time you watch it, take a closer look at all of the advertisements in the Axiom- pretty amazing.

some beauuuutiful notes

Danielle Feinberg- Director of Photography (Lighting) and Ellen Lee. They had cool stuff to say.

I'm working hard and keeping my fingers crossed.. One of these days I'm gonna have a kick butt demo reel. Hold me to that.


tandy said...

You are very talented and you have a nice blog. I use to live in Columbus,Ga

Rose said...

Unfortunately, high five opportunities never presented themselves.

voigt said...

I laughed a little as I read about your desire to be open to high five opportunities '-P

That so will be you one day

Courtney Brooke Vaughan said...

Brandi - I'm glad you liked it. I like high fives in general, but from such talented artists as those... Woah!

And I really hope that will be me one day!! You and Chris will have to come visit. Can you say Pixar Summer Project? Hahahah...

Tandy- Thank you for the nice words! I've driven through Columbus before, but never actually stayed there. All of Georgia is so romantic and beautiful... I hope you enjoyed it there!