Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Mom owes me an American Girl Doll

Alright guys- As I have been in Disney World for the past few days, and Finals at SCAD took over my life prior to that, I have a bit of updating to do.

Firstly, take a gander at this screenshot:

Some of you may know this, but Math (and several other classes) have never been my strongsuit. The last time I've ever had straight A's was in 4th grade. My mom told 9 year old version of me that I could get an American Girl Doll if I ever made straight A's again....... though it never happened again.


How about I worked my little tooshie off so hard last quarter. Not much sleeping was happening in the last 3 weeks especially. Also, the models that I made in the first half of the quarter took around... say between 6-10 hours... Well, now, I'm a bit more effecient at modeling and could probably pull them off in under 3 or 2 hours. The newest batch of models were done in about a week, whereas with the first five I was just learning the basic controls of Maya and took me nearly 6 weeks to be happy with the way they were built.

All of this to say:
Dear Mom, I hope the American Girl offer still stands. I worked very hard last quarter. I might have almost gone crazy a few times. I want this one:


Mom said...

Dear Courtney,
I think your memory is fading. There are already two beautiful American Girl dolls in the basement that I will be glad to send to you. Who is the little girl in the picture? What kind of AG doll is she holding? It says "Julie." Is that a new one? I am very proud of your grades at SCAD! I was also proud of your grades in Elem, Middle and High School. Keep up the great work at SCAD and your rewards for studying hard and making good grades will help you for the rest of your life. Love You to the Moon and Back, Mom

Stephen Crotts said...

That is the most perfect picture. I showed it to a bunch of people.

The chocolates look amazing! ...Although too scary to eat.

Courtney Brooke Vaughan said...