Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Disney: Day 1

After driving 8 very long hours from SC, I am now in ORLANDO! I had two suitcases: one for dresses and other clothes and the other for art stuff :). Also some bags of clothes, but pencils, books and sketchbooks took first priority in my luggage this year.

Tonight, we had a scavenger hunt through Walt Disney World. As soon as our project director said "GO" we started running off in different directions and the theme song to The Incredibles came on the speakers. It was amazing. I ran faster.

Please continue to be praying for me this summer- for me to be teachable, for my coworkers to have open hearts, and that we all fall more deeply in love with God this summer.

I'm extremely tired, soooo goodnight!

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Carlee said...

that is SO COOL... so do you get to find out about upcoming stuff Disney's doing? Are you living at Disney World?
i pray for yu!