Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Counting Down the Days

The final countdown has begun. A week from tomorrow, I will be heading down to beautiful Orlando, Florida! I will be working at Walt Disney World for the next 10 weeks with a group of students from around the country! I've been getting excited about meeting my coworkers and spending time with them.. along with discipleship and Bible studies we will be going through.

Support has really been coming in the past few days. Two days ago, I had about $300 out of $2,800. Now, thanks to generous letters of support, loving grandparents, people who like handbound sketchbooks, lots of praying and surrendering, and the goodness of God, I have a total of $1,790.

I will be updating more very soon, especially once things start rolling with the project. At the moment, I am trying to unload my jeep of the clutter that my room at Winthrop had collected- without making a mess in my parent's house. I am planning to keep up with my sketchbook while I'm at Walt Disney World so keep checking back!


voigt said...

so exciting!!!

Vee Vee said...

you are too awesome..i'm jealous. :)