Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Crusade Experience

Today we visited the Campus Crusade for Christ Headquarters in Orlando. We went on a tour and heard about the how the Jesus Film is traveling around the world- changing people groups, communities, and cumulatively the nations. It was an neat experience to see the organized center of what makes Cru and Summer Projects work. (and by organized, I mean very organized. They process thousands of support checks every day for missions all around the world. That's the place where my support checks were sent for this summer and last (NY) - I was impressed to see how meticulous and careful they are about processing our support dollars)

We had the opportunity to go to the Jesus Film Master Studio to see how the Jesus Film has been changing the world. We saw clips of tribes and communities' reactions to the film and how the powerful message transformed their hearts. Then, they took us to see an example of how they carefully translate and time the dubbing over for each language. Joe (from our Walt Disney World group) got to test out the equipment and try to make his syllables match with a scene from the film.

"No one should have to learn another language to hear about Jesus."

Paul Eshleman, Founding Director
The JESUS Film Project

Here are some of the Soularium Image Surveys being put together and counted individually.

Later, we went to Mark Gauthier's house to have dinner and swim. It was a fun day.

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