Thursday, February 28, 2008

Society of Illustrators

After visiting the American Girl Place, we grabbed lunch and headed over to the Society of Illustrators. There was all new work up and the new Society of Illustrators annual was out. I tried to resist peeking at the annuals because I am ordering mine through school and it really helps me to trudge through finals week if I promise myself I can look at it when everything is finished and turned in.

Okay, people. Hold on to your seats because this is not fake! Lou Romano- the voice of Linguini in Ratatouille and an amazing artist- was at the Society of Illustrators just the day before us! Some of my favorite works of his include the cover of the New Yorker and his gouache paintings of Monstropolis in the Monsters Inc. concept art collection. Lou creates a feeling of the world around the illustration- it's not just a picture, but it's almost as if you could just walk into his images and be part of them. His art is very inspiring-
If only we had been there a day earlier!

[the lower level of the Society of Illustrators]

[Next to an original John Hendrix!]

[this is one of my favorites from downstairs. By Betsy Snyder.]

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