Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Metropolitan Museum of Art

On Wednesday, we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
[click that picture to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's website]

Here are we. At the Met. I think I should let you know that Cameron was there too- but he was taking the picture.

We just talked about the invention of cylinder seals in my History of Graphic Design and Illustration Class. There was a photo in our book, but at the Met I got to see the real thing. Cylinder seals were some of the first steps towards the world of printmaking.

Did I mention how awesome it was to see this stuff in real life rather than a history book? Jessica and I were walking around with our jaws open- we knew the names of some of the art before we even got close enough to read the plaques.... I just couldn't believe that we were standing in front of history- that the art we have today developed because somebody create these first.

I had extra appreciation for their collections of costumes in the Costume Institute due to my Costume Shop class. We just finished constructing civil war time period correct costumes for Shiloh Rules. It took a long time, but they looked amazing- especially when there were bodies inside of them acting out lines and making the fabric move as they walked, spun, fought, and bled from war wounds.

Towards the end of the Egyptian Art section, we came into this room to find a group of students drawing from observation. I was very jealous that they used their class time by drawing historical artifacts and that I draw tricycles and plastic flamingos on a regular basis. (we do draw really obscure and unusual animal skulls though and that's fun)

I almost went up and talked to them but then I chickened out. Lame.

ROWS and rows of American paintings! Not having enough room for thousands of paintings is a good problem to have.

I believe this is the entrance to the European Sculpture section. By this time, I had realized that there was only 2 hours left to see the entire history of every art ever, so I was bolting.

Modern Art. Flashback to last semester. Amazing.

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