Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ex Morte Vita Pt. 2- Film

I can't exactly find the words to say about the Ex Morte Vita opening. I can tell you that a hundred something people from around the Charlotte/Rock Hill area came.. I could say that everything got done in time and worked out, even when there were multiple times when I thought we were stuck. I could say that I learned (again) how important communication is.. and I could say that overall, the show was a success and big questions are being asked on both sides, just a little bit more loudly.

I don't think that any of those sentences can completely sum up everything I feel about the process of learning and working and staying up late together... and missing mulitple nights of sleep having fun and working in the halls together to get our pieces done in time.

A friend said,

"This week I feel like I've finally realized why God directed me to Winthrop."

and those couple of words completely sum up the gratitude in my heart for what happened these past three weeks. If this person is the only one who feels this way, (and I have a sneaky suspicion there might be a few more) then every second of every experience was more than worth it.

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Stephen Crotts said...

well said. also - I like when you have darkroom adventures.