Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unexpected: A Miley Summer?

Good thing the job at the bakery didn't work out! The day after I left the bakery, I walked into casting for The Last Song and they immediately took my name, headshot, and contact info and said "Be at Tybee Island at 5:00pm tonight".

Here are a few photos via the internet of the set on which I was an extra.

We did numerous atmospheric shots while there was still daylight- crowded overhead establishing shots and shots of people getting cotton candy and holding tickets. Carnival games, too.

Later, my friend April and I had to sit on a Ferris wheel for almost three hours. Stopping and starting and stopping and starting. Fast, slow, fast, STOP! It got cold around 1am, then in a few hours they brought us down and gave us Subway sandwiches. That was a very long and stomach tossing night. Though, how often do you get to be an extra in a movie with Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, and Kelly Preston?!

On a different day, April and I had a call time on Tybee Island at 5:30am. We were to be in the audience of "Tybee's 10th annual volleyball championship." I thought this was funny because championships 1-9 never happened.

Throughout the day people kept giving us dasani's. I probably drank between 20-30 bottles of water- not because I was extremely thirsty, but because every time there was a cut they gave it to you anyways.

So naturally, I had to use the restroom.. I left and came back and when I sat down I noticed there were different people sitting behind my spot. I was watching (trying to figure out why they got switched out) between takes and realized that they were the 2nd team (stand-ins) for Miley Cyrus and her crew of pretty people. Neat!

After more standing and clapping and cheering at the Red Shorts team's victory, Greg Kinnear, Miley Cyrus, Melissa Ordway and Bobby Coleman were walking in front of me to sit in the bleachers to sit directly behind me. After a few rehearsals, adjustments were made and the camera director started playing "musical extras" and we got rotated around so the colors on screen wouldn't be competing with the heroes spotlight. I eventually got scooted to a place where I could be standing and watching the game, so I didn't get my close up. Not this time anyways!

That wasn't the last scene I was an extra for. Yesterday, they shot a "Southern Plantation Wedding" as the casting people called it when we were finding out what clothes to bring. We were told to wear southern dresses and pearls and bring big hats. Our call time was 5am.

The bus took us to Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah where we would sit for hair and makeup. They put all of the extras' hair up very fancy. When I got home that night at 8pm, I pulled out at least twenty bobby pins and one diamond studded pin. You would think I was sleepy, but nope! I went to Target and bought Coraline.


trav said...

a ral diamond or one of those fake ones?

Courtney Brooke Vaughan said...

I'm sure they weren't real, Travis. But they were pretty! Oh, and I forgot to mention- they gave me shoes to wear all day too. White 3 and a half inch HEELS. Youch!

Rose said...

This is so awesome!!!!!! ... And I want to watch Coraline with you!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing!! <3