Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life Drawing class with Professor Payne!

This is my life drawing class! Professor Jesse Payne is our instructor. (go see his drawings!) I love this class so much because I've learned a lot about drawing from the human figure and have been able to refine my life drawing skills- I was frustrated at first because I had already taken Life drawing at Winthrop and it didn't transfer over to SCAD, but I've grown to love and look forward to this class every week. I have seen a huge jump between my drawings from last year and this year.
Plus, the people in my class are very talented... We've been pushing each other since day 1 and I think a lot of people have improved their sighting skills.
The drawing we've been working on most recently is our second big project for the class.

In this photo were having a mid-way critique of our drawings in the style of Seurat. My drawing is hiding in the middle behind the easel. Here are some references that I would look at before class to get an idea and refresh my memory of Seurat's style.

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