Sunday, July 8, 2007


When I look back at the time I've spent here in New York City, it feels like a big blur. I want to be able to remember every day of being here.. all of the ups and downs...

I guess it's kind of like in painting.. It's important to be able to step back and figure out where you're at all together, what has changed, and what there is that still can be changed.

Spiritually, I've learned a lot about some of the characteristics of God. I should have though, right? I mean, the gallery was supposed to answer the question "What is the image of God?". But as we discovered here, there is no way to pinpoint who God is in His entirety.. with a couple of paintings and a few well written stories and poems.

Something I really like about the gallery... is that in every piece of art, the artist has their own individual perspective about who God is. Meaning- God has shown himself to all of us in different ways... and those glimpses, though they are from one unchanging Creator, are different, allowing us to create personally and intimately as worship and praise.

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