Friday, July 13, 2007

back home

Project ended July 11th.
We all got in our planes and cars and trains and began the journey home. What a bittersweet goodbye... Almost everyone that came on project wants to take it home with them.. meaning that they want to start groups at their school! (like the one that took me in and got me to Tribeca in the first place!) It was so cool to see the other end of it and be around all of the really excited people beginning to plan and pray for their schools.

I hope we will all see each other again. We're so far spread out around the country... I wonder if we'll all be at the same place again.... maybe a reunion type thing? (IAM conference, hint hint!)

And we'll HAVE to do the Confidence Dance!!


Anonymous said...

so excited courtney! im gonna read it all gradually hehe...i'll be up most the night so I'll pace myself...and make lots of comments ;) im so glad you were given the gift of this summer + the city+ art+ encouragement + growth

Anonymous said...

Courtney!!! What an amazing journey you have had this summer! I can so feel your smile through your writing. The images of the show are awe inspiiring~~what a rush, eh? I am so glad that you had this experience to grow closer in your relationship with Christ, and dear heart, you are never too young or too old to learn. You found this out your senior year in my class! May God richly bless you as you continue your mission at Winthrop this coming year. Well done, girl!!!

Mrs. S-V