Monday, August 11, 2008

P.S.P. (Post Summer Project)

Walt Disney World Summer Project 08 is over and everyone has flown/driven home. All but me. I loved working in the Emporium so much that I asked around and was offered a guest bedroom in one of my co-workers apartments! Since I've been able to stay, I've been picking up shifts almost every day at work and trying to work as much as possible. (SCAD's not cheap!) When I'm not working, I'm out drawing in the parks or working on a painting for our "adopted mom" at the Extended Stay Deluxe Hotel. It's been a bit lonely since the WDWSP group has gone home, but I've gotten to have even more fun times at the Emporium and in the parks with my co-workers.

Our friends from Hong Kong have gone home- this has been the most devastating thing for me yet- I was very attached to a Chinese girl by the name of Jennifer. In the middle of the summer, Laura, Jennifer and I started spending a lot of time together- girl's day out to Animal Kingdom and lunch. I'll probably post some from my journal later about that... All I think I can say now about that is that God is so good!

Sabrina (the very generous lady who is letting me have and 11 day sleepover with her), Jennifer, and I spent Jennifer's last free day together out for lunch and touring around the Grand Floridian. Jennifer, who is probably the cutest, most affectionate girl I have ever met- was taking about 10 bzillion photos of everyone and everything that day (I think it was Wednesday?) As soon as she puts them on the internet, I will probably borrow a few for this blog. Just a warning: As soon as you see her precious face you will probably fall in love. God has big plans for her-I know he does.

As for the next few days, I will be working as much as possible so I won't have to rely on my mom for supplies and clothes for SCAD next year. I am also trying to catch up on blogs I haven't had the time to type up. I've journaled most of them and I've been trying to take photographs consistently for the whole summer, so now it's just a matter of sitting down and putting everything on Blogger. I have half a sketchbook of drawings from the parks and Main Street breakroom- I'm just waiting to get to my scanner! All of this to say- I promise I haven't forgotten about you!

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