Saturday, June 14, 2008

No more teasing.

So, finally- I have time and access to internet simultaneously!!

I didn't have to go to work today- HUGE news for me because I've been having all of my shifts from 6:00-2:30 in the morning at the Emporium. That means that in the morning, I do project stuff for about two hours and then go straight back to sleep so I can be conscious during my laaaate/early shift at WDW.

I woke up around 12noon this morning and called Mama and made reservations for her and Daddy and Travis to stay at Disney's Boardwalk Inn at the end of July. I don't think I've been this excited for anyone's birthday except mine .... which I am grateful for because I may finally be losing some of my selfishness...? hope so..

Well, anyways.. My friend on Project- Gina- needed to go to work at 5:00 and I was planning on going anyways, so we rode together to the Magic Kingdom. Many secret things happened next, so I will fast forward to the part where I was on Main Street. I wandered around for a while and stopped by City Hall. I wanted to visit the Emporium to say hey to some co-workers and possibly buy a watch. Cell phones don't exsist during the time period in which I work, plus they're not allowed "on stage." Time telling is a necessity.

None of them recognized me at first because my hair was down and I was out of the Emporium costume dress. I got to talk with Gabriella for like 20 minutes and we had an awesome conversation. I told her about the plans I had been making all day for Travis's birthday and how I wanted it to be soooooooooo cool. I said something about how I used to pick on him and how he just would relentlessly forgive me every time and that he always just had a lot of grace in his personality. And she said, "Yeah, isn't it awesome how Jesus forgives us for everything we've done, and that we're able to forgive other people?" And I was (in my head) like: AHHHHHH!

So realized that each other was a Christian and hugged and I told her that our group does Bible studies a few times a week and she said she definitely wants to be there!

Later, I found Romeo and we started figuring out a time to hang out and talk about stories. He's a film student in NYC and we've decided to collaborate this summer. We don't know what direction we want to go in yet, but we're aiming for storytelling+ truth and beauty.

I went drawing in the Magic Kingdom for the rest of the evening. It was wonderful. I was sitting on a park bench in front of the Dreams Come True show waiting for people to stand in front of me. I think I fell asleep once or twice in about a 4 hour period of time. (Who has the chane to do that in Disney?)

As soon as I can get access to a scanner or have time to take pictures, I'll post some sketchbook stuff. They're getting better, I think.


Stephen Crotts said...

"...I went drawing in the Magic Kingdom for the rest of the evening..." dang.

looking forward to hearing more about that collaboration.

Cameron Bunce said...

yes indeed! film and you...

I think it was meant to be

I miss you, kid, especially when I was reading through and hit the AHHHHHHHH! part

looking forward to more stories!