Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Handbound Sketchbooks: Second and Third Editions

I've been working the desk in Kate Wofford Hall a lot lately (I was there for 11 hours straight Sunday!)- so I've had plenty of time to bury myself up to my elbows in sketchbook making again! My process has improved a lot since the last time, and my binding has evolved according to my love for exposed binding. My mom found a ream of paper in our basement during Spring Break and after spending a day with the huge robot paper cutter, I had enough cut pages to make about 50 something sketchbooks. Here's what I've done so far!

2nd Edition Clothbound Sketchbooks

The Black Fabric books are my "Second Edition" hand bound sketchbooks- They are the first of a new (to me) binding process with exposed stitches... The Third Edition- or more fondly known as the "Coey Edition" feature illustrated covers by the lovely Coey Kuhn.

2nd Edition with Elastic. 6"

2nd Edition with Ribbon. 6"
(black binding)

Some 2nd Edition books as a group.

The Coey Edition (Ed.3)

blue lightning. 6"

Thundersaur with pink binding, elastic and inside cover. Snazzy!

I'm becoming quite attached with this large black sketchbook so I think I may save it for myself. It's a favorite.



you should make these and sell them :]

i would definitely buy one.

Rhonda said...

These look great :D

Jared said...

that thundersaur one was pretty freakin sweet.