Tuesday, March 11, 2008

30 Day Art Challenge

once again, i have found myself in a rut. without getting into it too far (because this isn't the place to do it in) i kind of think i should say what (i think) is bothering me. lack of being productive and not living up to the expectations i have for myself discourages me more than just about anything, so in this ugly counter-productive cycle, inspiration does not "hit" and therefore i have no reason to make anything or do anything or be anything. because i don't feel like it.

and isn't that a crappy reason not to make art? i mean, this is what i want to do for my whole life and i let something silly like a change of mood stop me from making things. not good. especially if i want to get better and someday work for some un-realistic dream i may happen to have.

so here's the challenge. a 30 day-art challenge. starting (after exams- i'll let you know when) and going for the next 30 days i am going to be productive every single day whether i want to or not. and this is me asking you to hold me to it.

it will probably be bad some days. but since i'm trying to get a habit going here of making things continually, i'm going to turn off my mental filter and post everything. even if i think it's the most horrible thing ever. i hope i dont make anything that IS the most horrible thing ever, but if i do, then it will at least be out of my system for later.


smeller said...

"discipline produces a harvest of righteousness." =)

Brandi said...