Sunday, December 23, 2007

Le Cadeau du Temps- Portland Studios Update

Cory Godbey, an illustrator and animator from Portland Studios, sent an update the other day- his animation is now on the web!!

A few posts ago, I told yall about some of the guys we met at Portland Studios... well this is the really awesome thing I was trying to tell you about. It's DONE!

The story of the animation is about sharing; zune-arts is a place for collaborating with other artists and the site makes it possible to see and be inspired by other people... but I think the story goes much deeper than that.. I believe it's also a call for us to get up and share what we know is True!!

Cory made this animation entirely by taking -get this-- SCREENSHOTS of photoshop. unbelievable!!

so now go watch it- I MEAN IT!!!!!

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